Alfa Pizza – Allegro Pizza Oven


Available in Red or Yellow

Minutes to heat up: 20
No. of pizzas at a time: five
Number of pizzas in 15 minutes: 18
Bread baking (Kg): 5
Average consumption (Kg/h): 5
Floor area (mq): 0,7
Cooking floor (cm): 100×70
Flue (cm): ∅ 18,0
Width (cm): 118,0
Depth (cm): 102,0
Total height (cm): 225,0
Weight (kg): 220,0
Mouth width (cm): 59,0
Mouth height (cm): 19,0
Available colours : Yellow



AlfaPizza are a very high quality Pizza Oven Manufacturer in Italy. Their Ovens are the very best in Steel Wood Fired Ovens – which are manufactured in the facility in Italy.
The Allegro is offers the best value and balance between cost and cooking area – it is a massive oven! This outdoor oven is manufactured using the finest quality Steel which is protected and has very special insulation. The performance given is amazing – the oven will get to 300 degrees C within 5 minutes – and can be cooking pizza a few moments after.

Although the performance is very good – the oven is relatively lightweight considering. Weigh in at around 300kg – it is still fairly easy to move around and locate into position.
The best experience of cooking with an authentic wood fired oven is that you cook directly on a stone floor – in particular for pizza and bread – The Forno Allegro has a stone floor which is in sections – making it easy to clean and maintain. The oven can be ordered with or without the base – as standard it is supplied without the base. This makes it very flexible to be able to specify how and where it is to be used. The base that can be ordered to fit with the oven also has some very nice features – each side there is a fold away table and the bottom has wheels to enable moving the oven around your outdoor living area.

A door is supplied as standard to ensure that the oven can be used for a variety of applications. Inside the oven – the ceiling of the dome is lined with Stainless steel – which gives it the very best in performance for the heat – and of course confidence in the quality and appearance.

Made to a very high standard indeed – and commonly called the Ferrari of ovens, the Forno Allegro from Alfa Pizza will give you the very best experience in wood fired cooking and make it easy to use and manage.
Inside the cooking area or “deck” as it should be known – is a whopping 100cm x 70cm with the ability to cook 18 pizzas in 15 minutes Easy. The oven width is 118cm and 112cm deep with the tables down.
Without the base – this oven is perfect to use for mobile catering – simply have it installed into a trailer – or can be transported within a van for use on a table or similar.

Without doubt – an investment that will not let you down. Available in two colours – Antique red and Yellow.