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  • I.O Shen Pointed Paring Knife

    The I.O.Shen 105mm Pointed Paring Knife, this is the baby of the I.O.Shen family! An extremely useful blade, this is like using a mini Sahm Khom Slicer and is useful for all food preperation. It is a perfect length for peeling vegetables and an extremely useful preperation knife. It may be small, but this blade still has the ultra hard Triplex Steel Technology at work, giving you the ultimate cutting edge not to mention edge retention!

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  • TRAEGER Ironwood 885 With WiFIRE™ Controller

    You don’t just grill, you’ve mastered wood-fired cooking altogether and you’re hungry for more. Take your craft to the next level with the Traeger Ironwood. From WiFIRE technology for grilling on the go, to Smoke Science for a major flavour upgrade, you’ll never look back. Cooking with a hardwood fire will bring years of enjoyment to you, your family, and those lucky friends you will be cooking for. Your new Traeger grill is specially designed to make cooking easier while giving you optimal performance with the most savory-flavored food.

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  • Chef’s Knife – 10″ / 27cm

    The I.O.Shen Cooks Knife has a broad, rigid blade designed for chopping and dicing meat and vegetables. A stunning range of knives offering a superb edge and a beautifully balanced knife.

    For many years, knife manufacturers have been trying to use increasingly harder steel to achieve the ultimate cutting edge. The hardness of stainless steel is measured on the Rockwell Scale, with 62° being the highest grade commercially available. However, the brittleness of such hard steel has always been a limiting factor.

    I.O. Shen has overcome this problem by using an inner core of super hard Rockwell 62° steel protected by two layers of softer, shock absorbing Rockwell 10° stainless steel on the outside to produce the ultimate cutting edge. They call this Triplex Steel Technology.

    All of the knives in the I.O. Shen Mastergrade range use the very latest technology to construct blades which are not only amazingly sharp but which will also retain their edge for a phenomenal amount of time. They have been hand sharpened to a 15° angle, which allows for wonderful slicing and portion control.

    The unique handle design distinguishes I.O. Shen Mastergrade knives from all others. It is an essential factor in achieving balance and stability. The Tai Tang is not simply an embellishment, it is an integral part of the handle.

    The handles are produced from a synthetic material called ebonite which is both durable and heat resistant, although dishwasher cleaning is not recommended.

    I.O.Shen have mastered manufacturing techniques that enable them to produce a superior knife that is popular with professionals. The distinctive and attractive design sets them apart from many other ranges. The range won the Excellence in Housewares award 2007.


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The Great Outdoor BBQ company are proud to announce we are the official Traeger dealers throughout Northern Ireland. The Great Outdoor BBQ Co hold the majority of models in our Moira showroom, and all others are available within 48 hours.

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