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Get out and Stay home.

Hero Camper is the perfect place to start your next outdoor adventure. Designed with comfort and ease of use in mind, both the rugged Hero Ranger and the sporty Hero Traveller provides a cozy place to chill, packed with useful facilities, Scandinavian design and a flexible layout. Ideal for a quick getaway, a weekend of sports, going fishing or hunting. Or, simply just enjoying a beautiful sunset on your outdoor travels.

Hero Camper Standard Equipment

•    Charge from vehicle + DC/DC converter
•    Integrated control/management system with Hero-Soft touch display
•    Integrated 30 l water tank
•    New designed kitchen and cabinet module
•    Dimmable LED light
•    High-end 30A LifePo powerpack with battery management system
•    10A LifePo/charger
•    WiFi/Bluetooth soundbar
•    Integrated raincover


Inspired by some of our history’s greatest world explorers, we have set up different package solutions and named these after world-known adventurers. The following Hero Campers are based on the Hero Ranger.

Hero Ranger – The Columbus.

CHRISTOFFER COLUMBUS – Italian navigator and explorer. Leader of the first European expedition to America. 

•.   Extra support leg for front chassis mounting
•    150W flexible solar panel kit horizontal
•.   Thule 5200 awning 3.0 m
•    Sides and front for Thule awning 3.0
•    Spare wheel side mount bracket 1 pcs
•    Spare wheel (Ranger) 1 pcs
•    Diamond fenders
•    Cooling box compressor w. APP & Bluetooth
•    Off road brackets for axle protection
•    Privacy curtain
•    Isabella kitchen tent

Hero Ranger – The Livingstone.

DAVID LIVINGSTONE – Scottish physician, missionary and explorer. Pioneer in exploring the African continent.

•    150W flexible solar panel kit horizontal
•    Thule 5200 awning 2.6 m
•    Sides and front for Thule awning 2.6
•    Spare wheel side mount bracket 1 pcs
•    Spare wheel (Ranger) 1 pcs
•    Extra support leg for front chassis mounting

Hero Ranger – The Amundsen.

ROALD AMUNDSEN – Norwegian explorer of polar regions. He led the first expedition to traverse the Northwest Passage by sea, and the first expedition to the South Pole

•    Extra support leg for front chassis mounting

Follow your adventures| with Hero Camper #getoutandstayhome

Key Features with all Hero Range Trailers.


The Hero Camper has a fully insulated cabin. The unique Thermo Proove sandwich-design makes you stay warm and cozy down to -21° C / -5.8° F.

Options include: Thermostat controlled electric heater (230V), Propex 2000 gas heater and diesel heater.


The Hero Camper provides useful kitchen facilities. A fully equipped kitchen with mounted sink, fresh water tank and versatile cooking facilities.

Options include: 12/230 V cooling box, Lithium power packs and Isabella kitchen tent.


The Hero Camper Ranger comes with the convenient Sky Mount roof rack. The Sky Mount can carry 500 kg static and 100 kg dynamic load.

The Hero Camper Sky Mount roof rack is standard feature on any Ranger model.


The Hero Camper features fully integrated LED rear and brake lights, dual colour front and rear facing door lights, LED illuminated kitchen facilities and useful LED mood-lighting in the cabin.