Alfa Pizza – 4 Pizze Pizza Oven Red or Copper


Minutes to heat up: 20
Number of Pizzas: 4
Number of Pizza’s in 15 Minutes: 14
Bread: 4 kg
Cooking floor: 80 x 60 cm
Floor Area: 0.48m2
Weight: 140 kg
Depth: 88 cm
Height: 155 cm
Flue: 15 cm
Mouth Width: 68 cm
Mouth Height: 22 cm
Consumption: 4.0

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The Forno 4 pizze from the alfapizza range is designed for a family, with a large capacity for cooking wood fired pizza, pasta dishes, bread and much much more.

With a stylish design comes incredible performance from this wood fired pizza oven. The size inside is fantastic giving you every confidence to cook for almost as many people as you wish. Supplied with a convenient tool rack and two side shelves it is a like a complete kitchen in one mobile unit thanks to its wheels. Within 7 minutes this oven will be at over 200 degrees and begging to cook pizza on its brick floor. Not only will this wood fired oven cook pizza and bread it is very able to cook desert dishes and casseroles or roasts meats too. A truly versatile Wood fired oven for the garden or patio. You can see the full dimensions from the dimension chart in the images – however at over 70cm deep and 2.3metres in height with the chimney – you are sure to have a stylish feature in your garden with this amazing wood fired pizza oven.