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  • Adena Fire pit

    Stunningly simple, perfect for any setting

    Metal bowl
    Wooden grate
    Chrome cooking grill
    Protective wire mesh and Lifting Tool included

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  • Calida Fire Pit

    A Cosy Evening Essential

    Metal Bowl
    Wooden Grate
    Stylish Chrome Cooking Grill

    Wire Mesh & Lifting Tool Included

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  • Chesneys Heat & Grill Wood Burning Barbecue / Outdoor Stove Heater

    The grill size is ideal for rustling up some sausages and burgers for a party of 6-8 using fine grade charcoal or popping a pizza stone on the grill, closing the lid and achieving perfectly cooked crisp pizza in minutes, over kiln dried logs.

    The elegant design will suit any exterior style and encourage you to get outside more, even if it is just to have a cup of coffee with the newspaper, on a sunny but cooler day.

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  • Chesneys Heat Clean Burn Wood Burning Outdoor Stove Heater

    Clean Burn is at the forefront of innovation for outdoor heating and will significantly increase the amount of time you spend in the fresh air, extending the enjoyment of your garden, terrace or balcony throughout the year.

    For those who already own a barbecue and love spending time outside but feel their plans are often dictated by the weather, this is the solution.

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  • Chesneys Heat Garden Gourmet Wood Burning Barbecue / Outdoor Stove Heater

    Large enough to cook for 10-12 people, it can be used to slow cook a huge 4-rib roast on a low temperature which will stay tender due to the fully sealed lid, or brought up to temperature to bake a batch of perfectly fudgy brownies.

    The generous sized chamber provides sufficient heat for pre-drinks and enables the alfresco party to continue long into the evening.

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  • Chesneys Heat Garden Party Wood Burning Barbecue / Outdoor Stove Heater

    Chesneys Heat Collection HEAT Garden Party Wood Burning Barbecue / Outdoor Stove Heater
    Updated for 2019, the Gourmet Collection, based on the 2018 range (the 500, 600 and 700 models) but now fitted with wheels for easier movement and more accessories included as standard

    Boasting the ultimate in cooking and heating performance, the HEAT Garden Party is the largest model in the designer collection of barbecues and outdoor heaters from Chesneys

    This mammoth appliance weighs in at 215kg and can cope with catering for large parties whilst the controllable log stove will provide warmth and ambience late into the night
    Before starting work on the HEAT collection, Chesneys had already developed the technology in their stove range to produce a wood burning outdoor heater that would be efficient, clean and beautiful to look at

    Their challenge was to ensure that the same appliance could also provide an outstanding barbecuing and cooking experience

    It needed to have a versatility and functionality that would appeal to the ambitious outdoor chef as well as the ease of use and reliability required by the weekend barbecue enthusiast

    The HEAT 700 barbecue will grill beautifully. With temperatures in excess of 400°C a steak can be cooked in minutes leaving the meat moist and with searing lines enhancing its flavour

    Low temperature grilling of fish and seafood is simple, cooking directly on the grill with the option of using direct or indirect heat

    In roasting mode, a sealed cooking area and thermal rotation, meat will remain moist for hours whilst cooking on a single load of charcoal with a HEAT barbecue

    The unique rotating grill allows the height of the cooking area to be increased or decreased, accommodating very large cuts of meat if required

    The innovative and versatile Chesneys HEAT Garden Party can also be used to bake, smoke and wok cook

    Easy to refuel with an opening glass door

    Ultra fast start-up due to the unique combustion process means the barbecue is ready to cook within 15 minutes of lighting

    Provides a degree of temperature control that is uniquely sensitive and responsive to a barbecue. This means that grilling a steak or undertaking the most complex recipe can be approached with absolute confidence

    Like all Chesneys products, their Barbecue Heater is built to last. They’ve used the best materials, including cast iron components produced to the highest technical specifications and the toughest ceramic glass and internal panels

    After cooking it will self-clean once in heating mode

    Once the barbecuing is finished the transition to outdoor heating mode is achieved with the movement of a single component

    Repositioning a baffle inside the appliance transforms it from a multifaceted barbecue cooker to a highly efficient and attractive outdoor heater, which will deliver up to 700 degrees of radiant heat

    Place logs on the charcoal or wood ashes that have been used to cook and within minutes the heater is creating its own micro climate

    The heater operates in the same way as a stove with a glass door that opens so that the fuel can be replenished

    It has a single lever operating a valve that controls the amount of air entering the chamber and governs the rate at which the fire burns and the level of heat it generates

    Supplied with the following: Pair of wooden side shelves, Digital thermometer, Pair of stove gloves, Scoop for removing ash, 5kg bag of restaurant grade charcoal, Weatherproof cover

    Starter Pack: Everything you need to get get your heater barbecue up and running.
    The starter pack includes:

    • 1x Bag of Kiln Dried Logs
    • 1x Bag of Lumpwood Charcoal (10kg)
    • 1x Box of Kindling
    • 1x Box of Natural Fire Lighters (50pcs.)
    • Pair of wooden side shelves
    • Digital thermometer
    • Pair of stove gloves
    • Scoop for removing ash
    • Weatherproof cover



    786mm (1594mm with shelves) (W), 994mm (H), 544mm (+ additional 220mm flue to rear) (D)

    638mm (W), 384mm (D)



    You should always remember that your HEAT appliance is an outdoor machine, and as such, should be looked after, in order to maintain overall condition and functionality.

    We recommend:

    • REGULAR CHECKS AND CLEANING – at least once a month, and more regularly during bad weather and wiping surfaces to keep dry and to eradicate minor blemishes before the deteriorate further
    • CLEANING BETWEEN USES – including removing ash to clear airways, washing key areas with soap and water, keeping the glass clean and taking care of shelves both during use and when not in use.
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  • Chesneys Heat Terrace Gourmet Wood Burning Barbecue / Outdoor Stove Heater

    The large circular grill is big enough to cook for 8-10 people with any of six cooking methods: grilling, roasting, baking, smoking, wok cooking and wood fired pizza.

    The cylindrical Terrace Gourmet is designed to sit comfortably alongside your other garden products, fitting comfortably into a corner of your patio or garden enabling you to get the best use of your outdoor space.

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  • Feuerhand Pyron

    New, from Feuerhand, the Pyron brazier, gives you an ideal fire to stand around, whether on the patio, in the garden or further afield.  Man needs a fire to stand around – the Feuerhand Pyron fire tower is just what you need in the garden

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  • Logi Fire Bowl

    The Logi Fire Bowl comes in 3 designs Equestrian, Dragons and Lions

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