Chesneys Heat Garden Gourmet Wood Burning Barbecue / Outdoor Stove Heater


Large enough to cook for 10-12 people, it can be used to slow cook a huge 4-rib roast on a low temperature which will stay tender due to the fully sealed lid, or brought up to temperature to bake a batch of perfectly fudgy brownies.

The generous sized chamber provides sufficient heat for pre-drinks and enables the alfresco party to continue long into the evening.


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Chesneys Heat Collection HEAT Garden Gourmet Wood Burning Barbecue / Outdoor Stove Heater
Updated for 2019, the Gourmet Collection, based on the 2018 range (the 500, 600 and 700 models) but now fitted with wheels for easier movement and more accessories included as standard

A rectangular design model in the exciting new range of outdoor barbecues and heater from Chesneys

The HEAT Garden Gourmet features a rotatable, removable grill for variable cooking heights and digital thermometer for precise cooking control

A huge viewing window gives a superb view of the flames for when the appliance is in heating mode

Capable of cooking a variety of foods beautifully – roasting, grilling, baking, smoking and wok cooking using charcoal which gives the food that unique taste

In insulated lid to reduce heat loss

Single lever air control for easy control of cooking and heating

Removable side shelves
Cool touch handles

Ash pan for easy ash removal

Supplied with an all weather cover

A heat of 350°C can be achieved within just 15 minutes of lighting and throughout the cooking process, whether using direct or indirect heat, the temperature can be easily and responsively controlled

It’s a clean way to heat using Chesneys’ award-winning wood stove technology means that there is no smoke emitted and no need for clothes, hair and eyes to suffer from the bonfire effect

Supplied with a length of 80mm flue

Tapered steel base provides a convenient storage solution for fuel
The Garden Gourmet comes with the following: Pair of wooden side shelves, Digital thermometer, Pair of stove gloves, Scoop for removing ash, 5kg bag of restaurant grade charcoal, Weatherproof cover

Optional Accessories

Starter Pack: Everything you need to get get your heater barbecue up and running.
The starter pack includes:

  • 1x Bag of Kiln Dried Logs
  • 1x Box of Kindling
  • Additionally the product comes with the following:
  • Pair of wooden side shelves
  • Digital thermometer
  • Pair of stove gloves
  • Scoop for removing ash
  • Weatherproof cover



670mm (1478mm with shelves) (W), 994mm (H), 480mm (+ additional 220mm flue to rear) (D)

522mm (W), 320mm (D)



You should always remember that your HEAT appliance is an outdoor machine, and as such, should be looked after, in order to maintain overall condition and functionality.

We recommend:

  • REGULAR CHECKS AND CLEANING – at least once a month, and more regularly during bad weather and wiping surfaces to keep dry and to eradicate minor blemishes before the deteriorate further
  • CLEANING BETWEEN USES – including removing ash to clear airways, washing key areas with soap and water, keeping the glass clean and taking care of shelves both during use and when not in use.