Kamado Joe ® Classic III. Deal


Comes with free looftlighter, 2 x 15 kgs Charcoal

Top of the Range Kamado Joe Classic III BBQ Grill with 5 new standout features;
NEW 3 Tier Divide and Conquer Cooking System

NEW SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber Insert – improved heat distribution and smoke flavour – designed to perfect low and slow cooking

NEW Premium Cart to house it all in

NEW Aluminium Side Shelves

Charcoal Basket included as STANDARD

  • 18″ Diameter Grill and 22″ Diameter Bowl – equivalent in diameter to the Large Big Green Egg, and includes;
  • SloRoller Hyperbolic Insert – designed by the experts at Desora, a team of Harvard researchers, to create an area of high local pressure, leading to cyclonic airflow and increased smoke absorption, as well as constraining the heat and dispersing it evenly across the grilling area
  • This insert is easily swapped out for the standard heat deflector plates when grilling or searing at higher temperatures
  • Air Lift, Counterbalanced Hinge enables easy finger-touch opening of the lid – reduces the lifting weight by 96%
  • Stainless Steel latch, combined with unique Fibreglass Gasket gives category-leading airtight seal
  • Divide and Conquer Cooking System with half-moon stainless steel cooking grids
  • Sturdy Metal Cart with four wheels, two of which are lockable
  • Black aluminium foldable side shelves
  • Internal 1.25″ thick Multi-panel Firebox
  • Cast Iron Firegrate and Stainless Steel Charcoal Basket
  • Stainless Steel Half-Moon Cooking Grates
  • Grill Gripper
  • Kontrol Tower Top Vent with opening on the vertical so that the vent aperture you’ve carefully set does not move when you open the lid – all aluminium, no rust and makes the dome rainproof inside
  • Ash Tool
  • Thermometer Dome Gauge
  • Unique Patented 304 grade Stainless Steel Ash Collection Tray



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