Everdure by Heston Blumenthal HUB Charcoal BBQ plus free cover


Whether firing it up for simple steaks, trying something more ambitious or going the whole hog with an epic rotisserie, the HUB™ is perfect for outdoor entertainment.

  • Elegant contemporary design
  • Charcoal and electric element
  • Ready to cook in 10 minutes, thanks to the Fast Flame Ignition System
  • ‘Set and Forget’ electronic control
  • 40kg capacity rotisserie with Rotiscope Technology – patent pending system
  • Retractable rotisserie poles with adjustable heights
  • Integrated retractable 1.5m power cord
  • Large storage area behind 2 double-lined doors
  • Porcelain enamel firebox & charcoal tray
  • Chrome grills with cool-to-touch handles
  • Protectiver cover available (sold separately)
  • Weather / wind shield

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Heston Blumenthal knows well what it takes to create the perfect barbecue experience with his 20 year professional boundary pushing culinary background, along with his extensive status quo challenging cooking knowledge, making him believe that to get the true barbecue taste and feeling authentic charcoal cooking, which adds the distinctive smokey flavour to food, is the only way to grill.

Combining the Aussie grilling know how of Everdure’s designers and engineers with his own hands on involvement Heston has helped design the everdure by heston blumenthal HUB Charcoal BBQ with it’s innovative features and thoughtful attention to detail all wrapped up in a beautiful, minimalist Danish design influenced contemporary look to create the ultimate charcoal barbecuing experience whether you are grilling fish, chicken, vegetables, or a pig on a spit

The everdure by heston blumenthal HUB Charcoal BBQ has been developed, and thought about, from the ground up to create an evolution in the full barbecuing experience, with a large cooking surface area and easy charcoal management for optimum heat management effortlessly blending the basic, raw charcoal element with the latest technology.

The everdure by heston blumenthal HUB Charcoal BBQ has been designed to be ready to cook in 10 minutes with the Fast Flame Ignition featuring an electric element, which requires a mains power source, that rapidly brings the charcoal, up to cooking temperature.

The patented Rotiscope Technology gives a quick set up authentic 40kg capacity commercial grade rotisserie with retractable rotisserie poles giving adjustable heights so different sized foods on the spit rod can be held at an optimum distance from the charcoal heat source. The Rotiscope Technology rotisserie is powered by a discrete mains powered motor so that the everdure by heston blumenthal HUB Charcoal BBQ maintains it clean lines when the rotisserie is not in use.

The rotisserie includes jaw like cliplock forks to ensure that everything from chickens to suckling pig is help securely in place as it rotates on the spit rod.

The everdure by heston blumenthal HUB Charcoal BBQ not only has had thought put into the design of it’s grilling features, but to be both fuss free and mess free as well being easy tro use and take care of with a porcelain enamel fire box and charcol tray are easy to clean after use

With the combined input of both Everdure and Heston Blumenthal the everdure by heston blumenthal HUB Charcoal BBQ has designed to be the ideal mix of technology and aesthetics from the subtly integrated rotisserie to the retractable power cord the HUB is perfect balance of function and from taking design cues from minimalist Danish design so whether firing it up for simple steaks, attempting something more ambitious or going the whole hog with a suckling pig rotisserie, the HUB is perfect for that authentic charcoal grilling experience.