Josper LBC Series

L*BC Series

The L*BC model features a warming/resting rack above the main cooking chamber. Like all Josper ovens this range is available in 3 different sizes and each grill features 2 cooking racks for maximum output.



3 Sizes

Name Dimensions Grilling area Shipping weight
HJX-25LBC 640 x 600 x 1820mm 500 x 510mm (x2 racks) 212kg
HJX-45LBC 930 x 600 x 1900mm 760 x 510mm (x2 racks) 314kg
HJX-50LBC 930 x 860 x 1900mm 760 x 750mm (x4 racks) 407kg


Fire up time: 30 min average
Josper charcoal daily consumption: 22 lb to 26.5 lb (average)
Performance: 9 hours
Production per hour: 132 lb (average)
Cooking temperature: 482 ºF to 662 ºF
Power: 4 hp Exhaust rate: 1648 cfm
Maximum smoke flow:0.25 oz/s