DK Series Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

CLASSIC WOOD FIRED PIZZA OVENS (series DK) mosaic or colour silicone finish 




The ovens of this series are dome type and are assigned for baking of pizzas. They are made of vibrated refraction material with high percent of aluminium oxide (Al2O3), which guarantees high wearing‐out resistance and sturdiness. Solid fuel — dry hard wood is used as heat source.
Heating up is cyclometric and is done by natural wood fire only. Oven shape, insulation and thickness guarantee high performance with low wood consumption.

Oven is built‐in into a steel housing which allows it to be easily moved and transported.
The oven is available in four sizes and large choice of finishes.

Practically this chamber will last forever and does not require any maintenance. We construct and produce our baking chambers very thick /70–80mm/ , with big weight / 800–1200kg/ ,  and because of that we achieve great accumulative heat effect, guarantees thermal stability of our ovens – even at very intensive work they don’t lose their temperature regime and guarantees high level of efficiency. We pay a lot of attention to the insulation of our ovens, using multi‐layer insulation of high quality materials and the results are that our clients are pleasantly surprised of the economy of the ovens.

Finish can be customised (with your brand or colours) on extra cost — please contact us for quotation.

Lead time is approx 4 weeks. Our professional ovens are build and delivered to order.

Ovens are delivered already built (Not as a kit) — no assembly required, unless agreed diferently. — Price as seen