Loki 2 Camping Stove and Tent Oven


Measures: 32.9 x 94.9 x 21.6 in
(83.5 x 241 x 55 cm)
Packing size: 20.5 x 13 x 13 in
(52 x 33 x 33 cm)
Weight: 23 lbs (10.45 kg)
Material: coated steel


The camping stove and tent oven convinces with its refined design and well thought-out construction: Thanks to a pin system, the legs can be unfolded and ensure steadiness. When the three legs are folded and the five-part flue is packed inside the oven, the efficient stove reaches a small packing size. With about 23 lbs (12 kg) it is a lightweight among tent ovens.
With Petromax Loki, cooking a delicious meal while camping is as easy as on the stove at home: Light it and place pot or pan on the cooking surface (15.7 x 9.8 in / 40 x 25 cm). It is possible to remove the round cooking plate from the cooking surface and cook directly on the open fire. The Camping Stove and Tent Oven Loki is suitable for different types of tents if completed with the proper tent kit. For this purpose, Petromax offers the suitable accessories and also a transport bag.