Napoleon Rogue XT365SIB Stainless Steel Gas BBQ

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The Rogue XT365SIB is a step up from the standard Rogue model and comes with an additional SIZZLE ZONE infrared side burner. This side burner is great for cooking small cuts of meat or for accompanying dishes such as vegetables and sauces.

With the capacity to cook for up to 11 people at any given time, the Rogue XT365SIB is still easily capable to cook for large families or gatherings. The WAVE cast iron cooking grids spread the heat evenly across the whole of the cooking surface and will provide your cooking with those beautiful sear marks. The JETFIRE ignition system makes lighting the bbq extremely easy. Simply turn the control to apply the gas and push the spark to ignite the burner.

In the cabinet underneath there is a convenient gas canister holder, the side shelves are foldable for easy stowage and it also comes with a large warming rack to rest your cuts of meat or keep food up to temperature.


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  • 2x main burners with a total 13.5kW
  • 1x SIZZLE ZONE™ infrared side burner
  • Capacity to cook for up to 11 people
  • Main grill area: 51 x 45cm
  • Cast aluminium base & lid
  • Folding side shelves
  • WAVE™ stainless steel cooking grids
  • Grey control knobs with integrated grey bezel
  • Assembly time: approx. 45mins
  • ACCU-PROBE™ built-in temperature gauge
  • Large warming rack included
  • Works on LPG bottled propane gas
  • Warranty: 15 years