Thuros Baikal Turkish Style Grill Bundle

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Thuros Baikal + Wind Deflector + Warming Rack

A turkish style kabab grill with clever easy turn skewers and ajustable charcoal grate. Adjustable air supply thanks to damper, for rapid heating and continuously adjustable temperature control
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– 1 cooking grate with 30 x 30cm cooking area, made of electropolished stainless steel (V2A)
– 6 stainless steel skewers (each 56 cm long)
– All threaded connections are also stainless steel.
– Vertically adjustable ember tray made of hot-dip aluminum (FAL) thickness: 1.5mm
– Expandable by adding accessories for use of 12 skewers at the same time or increasing the cooking area to 30 x 60 cm with 2 cooking grates
Width:       31 cm
Length:    61,5 cm
Height:      81,5 cm
Weight: 10,5 kg