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  • Artisan ProQ cold smoke generator

    Cold smoke for longer and in larger smoking compartments with the new ProQ Artisan Cold Smoke Generator – supplied with a FREE 600g pack of Oak dust . The all stainless steel Artisan is larger than the original ProQ Cold Smoke Generator and will deliver 16 hours of cold smoke from just 300g of wood dust.

    • Ideal for larger smoking compartments of 150 litres or more
    • Stainless Steel, L 28 x W 25 x H 4 cm
    • 16 hours cold smoke from 300g dust fill
    • Free 600g pack of oak wood dust
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  • ProQ Cold Smoke Generator

    An ingenious device for effortless and cost effective cold smoke generation for use in a hooded bbq, smoker or in any other smoking or grilling cabinet. Provides 10 hours of cold smoke from just 100g of fine wood dust. Measures 15cm square and 4cm in height and made of stainless steel. Can be used again and again for a wide range of cold smoking projects

    • Supplied with a Quick Usage Guide
    • Tealight enclosed plus 2 x 100g sachets of oak and beech dust.
    • Cold smoke meats, fish, cheeses and many more foods
    • Simple to use, reliable run time and easy to clean
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    Easy and affordable cold smoking at home.

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  • ProQ Frontier Elite

    The Frontier Elite from ProQ is the best selling smoker in our range, offering the perfect combination of capacity and versatility. This nifty piece of kit can hot smoke, roast, grill and cold smoke (with a ProQ Cold Smoke Generator), and will easily cater for up to 12 people.

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  • ProQ Ranger Elite Series 2018

    The Ranger is our entry level BBQ Smoker, reasonably  priced, with some cool features that make it an ideal starter unit that’ll get you hooked on smoking food all year round, it is also extremely durable and compact making it perfect if you have a small garden.

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  • ProQ® Excel Elite 2018

    Say hello to the ProQ Excel 20 Elite, the ultimate Big Daddy of our 3-in-1 BBQ Smoker range.

    The ProQ Excel 20 Elite BBQ Smoker, with its colossal 65lbs of cooking capacity, is well suited for commercial use and has been the winning choice with many BBQ competition teams worldwide.

    No other brand has as many features to offer or is as robustly built to last. Constructed with immensely strong, porcelain coated; 1mm thick steel walls to provide robust insulation our ProQ Excel 20 offers everything you need to hot smoke, roast and grill. The long lasting stainless steel grills are made easy to clean and the handles, fittings, clips and nuts and bolts are also stainless steel to ensure that the ProQ Excel 20 is more resistant to rust.

    In terms of inside space, the ProQ Excel 20 cooking capacity is equal to being able to cook 8 whole chickens at one time. The modular design makes this big ProQ BBQ Smoker incredibly easy to increase its capacity even further by adding a third stacker. The fish/meat hanger housed in the lid can be used to slow cook a suckling pig or large leg of lamb. Or make it portable with just the lid and base as a “kettle” BBQ that’s great for the beach party.

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