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  • The Oxford Charcoal Company Alder 5 kg

    Full of folklore, Alder likes to live in the space between water and land. Its exposed roots are where fairies live.

    Fortunately for you, someone else has cut this down and will suffer the consequences, you can just enjoy the sweet, lightly smoky flavour and controlled burn of this lovely coal.

    Great with white meat and fish. Amazing in a charcoal oil.

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  • The Oxford Charcoal Company Ash 5 kg

    Ash charcoal has a very controllable burn. Its mild flavour is ideal for fish or delicate flavours

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  • The Oxford Charcoal Company Beech 5 kg

    Beech charcoal is a bit of a treat.

    It’s a dense, long burning fuel that gives a clear, sweet smokey flavour.  Give this a try with fish, chicken and the like.  Pretty classic combo with a frankfurter too.

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  • The Oxford Charcoal Company Birch 5 kg

    Birch charcoal really is a thing of beauty.

    It has a mirror-like finish, with growth rings hardly visable.  It’s a very dense charcoal that will have hardly any shakes, so the burning quality is great.
    Responds really well to changes in air flow for controlling cooking temperature.

    Birch has a subtle sweet, but kind of minerally flavour profile.  Really works with grazing animals, we can’t help feeling sad if someone grills lamb with anything else…

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  • The Oxford Charcoal Company Hardwood Blend 5kg

    This charcoal is made up of a mix of hardwood species. The blend changes, but we are careful to maintain great burning and flavour properties by combining species with complimentary qualities.

    This is a great all rounder, and if you are thinking of throwing in raw wood or some such for smoking, this is definitely the one for you.

    Rated 4.00 out of 5
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  • The Oxford Charcoal Company Maple 5 kg

    As used by the ever popular, DJ BBQ for grilling amazing burgers. Even this spandex-clad American was impressed by the similarity between our English maples and the sugar maples of North America.

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  • The Oxford Charcoal Company Oak 5 kg

    This charcoal is made from British Oak.

    Becoming a firm favourite with our restaurant customers, this is a lovely even burning charcoal. Think subtle notes of ever popular oak smoke and caramel, great for grilling steaks!

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  • The Oxford Charcoal Company Orange 5 kg

    Made from the annual prunings of the Valencian orange groves.  A proper little Oxford Charcoal Exotic.

    This coal is graded to a larger lump size than usual, so you may need to break it down for smaller grills. It carries a great big flavour of deep orange, think proper marmalade without any sugar.

    Perfect with duck, chicken, turkey and pork. Actually, just pretty good with food.

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  • The Oxford Charcoal Company Sweet Chestnut 5 kg

    Sweet Chestnut is a particularly tricky charcoal to make well…

    When fired it fractures both radially and concentrically exposing lots of surface area. This makes it keen to burn hot and fast, just what you’d want for dirty steak night.

    If your cooker has good air flow control you can close the lid and slow it right down. It will reward you with bags of sweet, light flavour. It won’t make life easy for you, but then who wants an easy life anyway?

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