Grove Farm Grills – designed and built by GOBBQCO.

Our Own Range of Grills.

Owning The Great Outdoor BBQ Company had always given us the drive and want to design and build our own grill. In 2022 that became a reality when we introduced Grove Farm Grills. The brand, named after Grove Farm where the GOBBQCO is housed was a work in progress for a few years, where we went through various prototypes before settling on what we feel, hits so much criteria for so many BBQ users. It what we would use ourselves.

Made in Northern Ireland

This is our Own Designed and locally built Asado/Parilla style grill. The unit is full stainless steel, except cart if it’s required.

The Grove Farm Grill will provide you with a simple and authentic wood fired cooking experience that originates from Argentina.

It’s easy to light with simple temperature controls using the Vertically Adjusted Grill Grates, This can be raised or lowered via the heavy duty crank handle– This allows the chef multiple cooking zones and cater for varied heats.


Stainless Steel V- Shaped grill grates (Weighing 10kg each) reduce the risk of flare ups, catch the juices and channels them into a stainless steel drip tray for basting purposes, meaning those flavoursome juices are not lost. Both easily removed for cleaning.

The GFG has a massive 1m x 0.6m Cooking surface area which makes it ideal for either Commercial use in a busy kitchen environment or Large Parties. This flexible cooking space allows multiple options for both Businesses and Households alike.

The GFG is much more than a Barbecue – From cooking large cuts of Meat, whole chickens to trays of fragrant vegetables. There is also the ability to hang large cuts using hooks for that added entertainment spectacle for your guests or customers.

Cooking over live fire is much more fun than conventional cooking but has the added advantage of boosting the flavour of your food.

This will keep your customers, friends and family coming back for more when they see and taste what it has to offer.

Be the envy of all your competitors in the industry – This is a Grill that can be used all year round and not just on those sunny days!