Uuni 3 Gas Burner


Nothing beats gas for ease of use and temperature control. You can be ready to go at the flick of a switch and using gas gives you the ability to cook anything from loaves of bread to pizza and steak.

With easy attachment to the rear of your Uuni 3, simply slide on, insert the 2 screws and you’re ready to connect to the gas source. 


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Important, read before purchase:

  • Uuni 3 gas burner is for use with the door off ONLY

  • Uuni 3 Gas Burner was designed, tested and approved for use with Uuni 3 oven. While it physically fits some of our previous models, we have not tested this extensively and therefore cannot guarantee or provide a warranty for using this product with ovens other than Uuni 3

  • The Uuni 3 Gas Burner is currently available in the UK only. Please note that this product is not certified to be used outside of the UK