The Glastonbury Asado Grill’ provides you with the perfect live-fire Argentinian Grill experience. Grilling dry-aged, thick-cut rib-eyes or the simplest of chicken wings, the added flavour and theatre of cooking over the red-hot hardwood embers, will have your friends and family hooked from day one.

Add Simple Stand for £175

Add Wood store Table £500


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The key feature of ‘The Glastonbury Asado Grill’ is the full-width Brazero (ember maker) providing an endless supply of red-hot embers and complete heat control by the ability to raise or lower the cooking surface.

Designed around your needs ‘The Glastonbury Asado Grill’ can fit into an outdoor kitchen or you can opt for one of our freestanding stands. We have worked to make ‘The Glastonbury Asado Grill’ as versatile as possible, adding optional cooking methods such as a rotisserie, ‘Chapa’ and burger grill.

‘The Glastonbury Asado Grill’ is the perfect size for barbequing for families and friends, fitting seamlessly into any garden.

Cooking surface fully height adjustable

V-shaped 304 stainless steel grill

Full-width Ember maker providing never en ding red hot embers

Grilling area 320mm x 665mm

Fitting points for optional rotisserie

Constructed from 3mm mild and stainless steel

Built-in or freestanding configuration

Optional side tables

Mild steel coated in high temp black paint.

Overall Grill Dimensions without stand

Height: 800mm
Max width: 775mm
Max depth with handle: 680mm

Overall Grill Dimensions with stand

Height: 1610mm
Max width without side tables: 775mm
Max width with side tables: 1575mm

Max depth with handle: 690mm
Cooking Area: 320mm x 665mm
Brazero (ember maker):200mm x 620mm