ProQ Cold Smoke Generator


An ingenious device for effortless and cost effective cold smoke generation for use in a hooded bbq, smoker or in any other smoking or grilling cabinet. Provides 10 hours of cold smoke from just 100g of fine wood dust. Measures 15cm square and 4cm in height and made of stainless steel. Can be used again and again for a wide range of cold smoking projects

  • Supplied with a Quick Usage Guide
  • Tealight enclosed plus 2 x 100g sachets of oak and beech dust.
  • Cold smoke meats, fish, cheeses and many more foods
  • Simple to use, reliable run time and easy to clean


The ProQ Cold Smoke Generator is a fantastic product which will turn your hot smoker – or your covered bbq or homemade smoking compartment – into a cold smoker. It also works brilliantly with electric smokers such as the Bradley range, offering a far more cost effective way to cold smoke – pound for pound and is an excellent way to turn a barbecue into a cold smoker. Instead of your hot smoker including the ProQ, Grillpro, Weber or Brinkmann, being purely limited to hot smoking, used with this deceptively small, simple product, you can create just the wood smoke without the heat to achieve cold smoking conditions.

Simply place the smoke generator into the base of your smoker or barbecue, fill the stainless steel mesh maze frame with your choice of wood dust and light the tealight candle in an outer corner of the generator to set the dust smouldering. Once the smouldering process has begun the candle can be extinguished and the gentle burn will gradually travel around the maze, producing cold smoke flavour for up to 10 hours. And all this from just 100gms of wood dust.

The smoke, less the heat, can be used to provide a final smoky seal to fresh meats and fish which have first been brined or dry cured in a salt & sugar mixture. The curing process removes excess moisture in the food which would otherwise harbour bacteria whilst also intensifying flavours through this moisture loss. The cold smoke then penetrates the surface of the food to create a barrier to pests and disease as well as wonderful smoke flavour. This has a preservative effect and although the food effectively remains raw it is safe to eat – such as smoked hams, saucisson or salmon, or can be cooked for consumption at a later time, such as bacon.This device will add a vast new culinary repertoire to the home smoker whilst also providing a reliable source of cold smoke for the commercial smoker.

Because the design of the generator allows for a certain airflow to the smouldering wood dust, it burns so slowly that little heat is generated ensuring temperatures remain below 20 degrees C. Care should be taken to control other ambient factors, such as placing your smoker under hot sun or allowing too much ventilation to create smouldering heat ‘spikes. If the temperature reaches a point where the food begins to cook, the preservative effect will be lost.

Try with any fish, bacon or uncooked ham joints. Particularly effective with otherwise rather bland cheeses such as many cheddars or soft cheese such as brie. The possibilities are endless! We’ve used the cold smoke generator to great effect in a ProQ Smoker, Bradley Smoker and in the Eco Smoker, to smoke fish, cods roe, cheeses and our home grown, home cured bacon. We’ve been amazed at the simplicity of the process but even more blown away by the results.

The product is supplied with 100gm of oak and beech dust, tealight candle and full instructions. Further wood dust supplies are readily and cheaply available – just take a look at our Wood Dust Selection in our Wood Smoking Products section for a range of flavours and sizes.

PLEASE NOTE: Fine wood dust rather than wood dust with larger particles is most effective for use in the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator. Currently our oak, beech, maple and whiskey oak dust are fine enough to use on its own in the generator. Alder and Cherry, although larger particles also work well whilst our mesquite, hickory and apple vary and may not always be suitable to use on their own and may not smoulder effectively. However they can be used scattered on top of either an oak or beech base to add additional flavours. Given that it is the mildest of the flavours that we offer, we recommend using beech as the base layer with one of these larger dust particle flavours. Douglas Fir, although very light in texture, can also be used as an accent flavour. If you need more help or advice, please just give us a call on 01398 351604.

Measures approximately 15cm square (6 inches square) and 4cm (1.5 inches) high.

Made of stainless steel.

Care Instructions: Wash in hot soapy water and scrub gently with a soft nailbrush to remove any residues. Also dishwasher safe, but wash separately.