Napoleon Prestige P500RSIBPSS-1 Propane Gas 2020 Model

£1,999.99 £1,800.00

Enclosed cabinet
Rear infrared burner
Stainless Steel double doors
Stainless Steel roll top lid
Stainless Steel wave cooking grids
Four 304 SS commercial grade tube burners
Removable chrome plated warming rack
JET FIRE™ ignition system
Stainless Steel side shelves – one folding
Ceramic infrared side burner
Four heavy-duty casters
Up to 22.6 KW
5806 cm2 of total cooking surface


Height: 127cm
Width : 163cm
Depth : 66cm
Weight: 87.1cm

Cooking Area

Width: 71cm
Depth: 41cm



The Prestige Series P500 RSIBSS Gas Grill is the total package. The Napoleon Prestige P500 has all the capabilities of a full outdoor kitchen. The P500RSIB has 4 main burners, 1 infrared rear burner and 1 infrared side burner. This gives the P500RSIB the capacity to cook in at least lots of different ways. You can grill up to 30 burgers over the main burners, up to 8 burgers over the infrared side burner.

Every P500RSIB is test fired before packaging, ensuring that your grill will light as soon as its out of the box. The entire unit is made from top quality stainless steel so the complete unit will be corrosion free for years to come. The wavy grill design provides even heating and allows for smaller foods to be cooked with ease. There are 7 steel plates, protecting the burners from any drips, and also reflecting the fat, turning it into smoke and allowing for that authentic BBQ taste to be maintained. The design makes it very easy to clean all these components, where they can be removed and soaked with no fear of rust or other degradation.

The generously sized stainless steel side shelves feature a condiment holder and enough space for food preparation. The other side shelf is reserved for the Sizzle Zone Side Burner, where steaks can be seared through this high powered burner, and finished on the main grill. The Side burner is also ideal to prepare sauces and soups while the main dishes are cooking.

The unique design of lid means no heat is lost and the BBQ can be used as an oven too for Cookies, Bread, Pizzas and Roasting, among other things.


This BBQ has been purpose built to be versatile so you can cook on this BBQ any time you want, from Summer Parties, to night time smoke out sessions.


Sizzle Zone Grill/Side Burner – Similar to the Rear Burner, the Sizzle Zone located on the right hand side shelf of the P500 features over 10,000 flame ports to produce 980 degree heat, locking in the juices and instantly burning of the fat residue, giving amazing results.


Jet Fire Ignition – This ignition system send an intense flame to each burner individually giving complete control and instant lighting of each burner


The Napoleon Prestige P500 is finished in the finest stainless steel with a sleek cabinet featuring stylish handles and trims around the side shelves to match. Tool holders are built onto the trims for that added convenience.


To make things even better with the P500, you can add the Napoleon Charcoal Tray to turn your BBQ into a Charcoal Grill. Simply place the tray under the cooking grills, light the charcoal with the gas burners and away you go. The Charcoal Tray can be added to your order by clicking the check box at the top of the page.