Monolith Le Chef Pro Series 1.0 Kamado Ceramic BBQ Smoker with Cart – 2019 model Black

£2,079.00 £1,890.00

  • Premium 22″ Ceramic Grill with Sturdy Cart,
  • Locking Wheels
  • Built-in Thermometer
  • Bamboo side shelves
  • Split Ceramic Heat Deflector Stones
  • 2 Tier Stainless Steel Cooking Grid
  • 3rd tier stainless steel cooking grid
  • Charcoal Basket & Divider
  • Smoking chips feeder system
  • Pizza Stone
  • Grate lifter


The Monolith Le Chef is the equivalent to the Kamado Big Joe and the Big Green Egg XL.  What sets the Monolith apart from other brands is the bundle of accessories that come as standard (as above) and their unique wood pellet feeder system.  It consists of a hinged access door to the firebox and a feed chute so you can add more wood pellets to the fire without the need to remove the lid.  Just open the access door, insert the feed chute and push the wood pellets into the fire with the supplied tool.

Nobody likes a piece of meat that is tough. The key advantage of a Kamado ceramic grill is its ability to insulate, which means less total heat is required to cook. The shape also circulates the heat for more uniform cooking. Compare this to gas BBQ grills that let heat escape and cook largely from below. The gas BBQ grills require more total heat to achieve the same temperature profile as a Kamado Joe. The excessive heat robs moisture from your meat while the Kamado Joe keeps the heat in the grill and the moisture in the meat. The unique shape circulates the heat which results in faster cooking and less moisture loss. The insulated body also means a smaller fire is required to create the same temperatures.

The beauty of a Le Chef grill is it’s simplicity. The combination of natural lump charcoal and airflow allows you to easily adjust and maintain any temperature over a long period of time. You can set the temperature at 225°F (107°C) for a long low and slow cook and it will maintain that temperature for over 12 hours.


Built to Last a Lifetime


The ceramic has a 10yr warranty and a 2yr warranty on metal parts.