Monolith Kamado Junior Black With Cart


Monolith Junior Kamado in Black with Sturdy Steel Wheeled Cart

33cm (13″) Stainless Steel Cooking Grid – equivalent in size and weight to the Kamado Joe Junior and the Small Big Green Egg

Includes Heat Deflector

Includes a Grill Expander

Stainless Steel Bands

Stainless Steel Hinge

Overall Height (including Cart) – 93cm (36.5 inches)

Dome Width – 44cm (17 inches)

Dome Depth (including handle and hinge) – 52cm (20.5 inches)

Weight 43kg

Cast Iron Charcoal Grate

Smoking Chip Feeder system



The Monolith Kamado Junior Black with Cart takes the smallest member of the Monolith Kamado range and embeds it in a stable German engineered metal framed stand to create an easily manoeuvrable cart for more flexibility. The cart / stand has three legs which keep it standing firm on uneven terrain and ensure that the Kamado Junior stands at a convenient height for cooking.

The Kamado Junior makes no compromises on performance to reduce it’s size when compared to the larger Classic and Le Chef models as all the Monolith Kamado ceramic grills give endless possibilities for grilling, smoking, baking, cooking, barbecuing or roasting all the while blending great looks and functionality in one grill for all round versatility with excellent performance.

Ceramic kamado cooking pots have been traditionally been used by the Chinese and Japanese for more than 3000 years with the ceramic grill as we now know, and call kamado, being evolved in the 1970’s from the Japanese Mushikamado.

All Monolith Kamados are constructed from extremely heat-resistant ceramics, combined with high grade stainless steel, with the high insulative capacities of the heavy ceramic and the clever regulation of the air flow into the kamado meaning that the temperature can be controlled more successfully than in any other type of grill plus the charcoal consumption is approximately 25 – 50% lower than with a more typical charcoal grill.

Cooking temperatures can be achieved rapidly due to a chimney effect meaning you can cook within 15 minutes of lighting using much less fuel during preheating with the ceramic keeping most of the heat in so external temperatures are much lower. The heat retention capabilities of the ceramic are such that a Monolith Kamado is fantastic to use in winter being perfect for creating hearty winter stews and slow braised dishes.

Monolith Kamados feature a unique smoke wood pellet feeder system consisting of a friction fit smoke chip feed plug giving access to the firebox and a feed chute so wood pellets can be put in to the fire with no need to remove the lid. Just open the access hatchby reemoving the friction fit plug then insert the feed chute and push the wood pellets into the fire.

A Monolith Kamado Junior Black is comparable in size to a Kamado Joe Junior or Big Green Egg Small / Minimax but what differentiates Monolith Kamados from other ceramic kamados is the range of accessories which are delivered with it and are included in the price.

All kamados are truly versatile in the temperatures and types of cooking which can be achieved, but only a Monolith Kamado includes a full range of accessories as standard ensuring that optimum performance is availble with the kamado from the first use

The highly temperature resistant ceramics and the use of high quality stainless steel in the stainless steel bands and hinge ensure that a Monolith Kamado looks good year in year out and is very low maintenance being backed up with a 10 year warranty on the ceramic.

Technical Information

Monolith Kamado Junior Black with Cart2 stainless steel side handles
Stainless Steel Bands and Hinge
Unique Smoke Wood Pellet Feeder System
German engineered metal frame
2 locking castors
10 Year Warranty On Ceramic Parts
Includes –
2nd Tier Stainless Steel Cooking Grid
Split Ceramic Heat Deflector Stones With Lift
Cast iron fire grateSome assembly required.


BBQ Dimensions
Height (cm) – 95
Width (cm) – 47
Depth (cm) – 52
Weight (kg) – 43
Box Dimensions
Height (cm) –
Width (cm) –
Length (cm) –
Cooking Area
Width (cm) – 33
Depth (cm) – 33