Lindr CWP 200 Green Line mobile, stand 2 x Tap


The LINDR CWP 200 under- table water cooler is a professional device that stands out from the range of water coolers not only in its design and  quality workmanship, but also in its high performance with small dimensions and easy installation.

The design of the cooler is a complete novelty in this category of beverage coolers.

Continuous cooling capacity 170-190l / hour, maximum 200l / hour.

The modern LINDR compressor refrigeration unit uses input energy for direct conversion to cold and thus guarantees minimum energy consumption.

High-quality and even cooling of the beverage takes place without thermal shock in a sufficiently long stainless steel screw.

The device is equipped with an accompanying submersible pump for perfect cooling of the bottled beverage up to the tap.

A well-chilled drink is ready after only 10-15 minutes. from turning on the device.

The modern layout of the LINDR cooling technology guarantees simplicity and availability of service interventions and ease of maintenance.

LINDR cooling technology is 45% more efficient than its electrical input.

The materials and components used meet the highest requirements of hygienic standards, are a guarantee of trouble-free, quiet operation of the unit and long life of this cooler.



Refrigerant type R290
Rated current (A) 4.500000
Tension 220-240V 50Hz ~ 1
Power consumption (W) 1035
Output (l / h) To 0 ° C / Tk 50 ° C 200
Time of first cold (min) 8-10
Number of chilled drinks 2
Length of cooling loops (m) 20/20
Net weight (kg) 53.000000
Water tank capacity (l) 20
Diameter of cooling loops (mm) 8×0.5
Skeleton size (WxDxH mm) 350x500x1550