kamado joe Ikamand Classic


iKamand for Classic Kamado Joe

Simply light your grill, and the iKamand brings it up to your desired temperature in just minutes, while industry-leading technology allows you to set, monitor and adjust your cook temp from anywhere using the iKamand mobile app.

Achieve effortless and precise temperature control for mouthwatering, perfect results, and a better grilling experience every time.

Please note that our stock is the 2nd Generation of iKamand, and not subject to the same reliability issues that the 1st Generation suffered from.

  • Mains powered with UK 3 -pin Plug
  • Complete with 1 x Pit Probe and 1 x Food Probe
  • Can accomodate up to 3 x Food Probes (available separately)
  • Simply attaches to the bottom vent
  • Can maintain temperatures from 95C to 260C (200F – 500F)