Hoefats Ellipse Firepit


Fire bowl with grilling facility

Extinguish in a safe and clean manner

Embers can be emptied into the stand, the fire bowl serving as a closure

Pivoted fire bowl:

Neutral position and/or facing position

Corten steel – developing a living, unique rust patina


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ELLIPSE – a sculptural fire bowl made of corten steel, surprises with unexpected functionality. If placed in the centre of attention, it can take a neutral position, however also turn towards a seating area respectively protect the flames from too much wind. Its stand provides for stability and is, at the same time, the mounting of the rounded bowl. It moreover serves as an ash container: if the fire has nearly burnt down and shall be extinguished completely, the bowl can be taken with gloves and emptied into the stand. This is subsequently covered with the empty fire bowl in upside-down position, thus choking and extinguishing the residual fire.

Product Dimensions: 110x57x36 cm
Product Weight: 13,20 kg