Hoof Grill

The Hoof Grills BBQ is inspired by the legendary Gauchos, 19th Century cowboys who roamed the Argentinian Pampas on horseback, for whom open fire cooking was the only option and whose traditional methods have inspired the cultural phenomenon – the Asado!




Handmade in the Scottish seaside town of North Berwick, Hoof Grills are wood and charcoal fired Parilla Barbecues. Combining grilling techniques from across South America, Hoof Grills delivers different styles of open fire cooking on the one BBQ.
Hoof Grills offers both the ease of a traditional coal barbecue and the potential to experiment with the variety of flavours that comes through cooking with different types of wood.
The height adjustable frame has been designed to facilitate Brazilian Charrasco style grilling where the meat is cooked on skewers. It will also accommodate a rotisserie for larger cuts of meat which require constant rotation over the heat source.
These practical and durable grills feature a v-shaped grate to allow the juices to run off and a height adjustable cooking surface for a controlled cooking experience.