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  • Trailblazer The Alfresco 120

    Upgrade your alfresco entertaining with a Trailblazer Alfresco 120 for an outdoor cooking experience your guests won’t forget!

    Based on the 120 MINI towable BBQ/Grill and with all the features of its big brothers including instant heat control, easy clean & scrape out of ash, double sided cooking, large side tables with 4 work surfaces & industrial castors. The Alfresco will deliver the best outdoor gourmet grilling possible

    Built to the very highest standard giving years of hassle free grilling, the Trailblazer Alfresco 120 is constructed with stainless steel interior with a fully galvanises and powder coated exterior body.

    With the instantly variable height control, you have the very best choice from extreme heat generated from charcoal to low temperature grilling in an instant.

    No more keeping your BBQ in a sheltered corner away from the wind, and the party!
    Just roll the Alfresco 120 into the middle of the patio and let it be the centre piece. With the ability to be able to cook form both sides and no need to protect it from the wind and rain.

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